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Home School Program

American Christian Academy , Extension Campus Program, a Home School program for over 300 families in counties throughout Northern California only.


Phone: (530) 365-2950

P.O. Box 805 Anderson, CA 96007


Directors: Marc and Darla Winegarden

For information, please contact the ACAEC home office in Anderson. Leave a message or talk to the Office Manager, Mrs. Bonnie Dillon for further information.

The growing numbers of parents who find themselves needing to home-school their children indicate how troubling the American educational system has become to families throughout the nation. The American Christian Academy Home School Program offers parents and their youth the alternative to the prevailing un-Biblical views of God and of man which account for the mis-education of generations and their inability to reason from the Word of God and apply Biblical principles to themselves and to the nation.

The American Christian Academy Home School Program

Distinctive's of American Christian Academy
  • For over twenty-five years American Christian Academy families have been educating young people in truth, righteousness, and faith. We are non-denominational, but deliberately Biblical.
  • Our philosophy, our methods, and recommended curriculum are based on God's Word and recognize the Lordship of Christ over all of human life and culture.
  • We emphasize America's Christian history and government because we find there the wonderful works of God which impart encouragement and direction for the future.
  • We exhort parents to teach their youths the truths of God's Word so that they can discern what is right in America, and act to correct the wrong.
  • We believe in personal responsibility, self-government under God, and a civil government limited in scope and power by the higher Law of God.
  • Local businesses value our students because they are dependable with tools and time, courteous and well mannered, have a teachable spirit and are responsible to authority.
  • Our graduates are carrying their faith into all of life, into careers including architecture, education, engineering, law, medicine, music, business and management, and many other fields.

    The program provides the following services to its members:

  • Coverage by A.C.A. Private School Affidavit
  • Parent Training in American Christian Education through Quarterly Support Group Meetings
  • Curriculum Counseling
  • Tutorial Services (optional)
  • IOWA Basic Skills & PSAT Testing
  • Graduation Ceremonies for 8th and 12th Grades
  • Report Cards & Transcripts
  • Work Permits & Student Identification Cards
  • Home School Legal Defense Association Coverage available
  • Scheduled Meetings Addendum