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Mr. James B. Rose, President

The American Christian History Institute program and publications are based upon the Holy Scriptures and the distinguished source books, The Christian History of the Constitution by Verna M. Hall, and Teaching and Learning America's Christian History by Rosalie J. Slater, published by the Foundation for American Christian Education.

A Must for Every American Christian Parent & Educator!
The Classic Curriculum Guide of The Principle Approach
550 pages of practical explanations, charts and diagrams!

For The Home and School --- The Principle Approach

By James B. Rose

The American Christian Philosophy of Education & Government / Developing American Christian Character in The Home and Classroom / How to 4-R A Subject / Notebook Methodology / Arithmetic / Algebra / Economics / Elementary History / Geography / Literature / Natural Science / Human Anatomy / Rudiments.  $50.00

Explains the Biblical philosophy of education that formed the world's first Christian Republic.
Contrasts child-centered and subject-centered education with The Principle Approach.
Identifies how to achieve academically two aspects of American Christian Constitutional government: the external goal of a limited, representative government and the internal goal of American Christian character.
Provides a method of determining the Biblical and historical basis of the fundamental principles of America's Christian History.
Demonstrates how our efforts to think and act governmentally in all areas of our lives reflect our educational philosophy.

Suggests how the Biblical principles of America's Christian History are taught at home to form the character to maintain civil and religious liberty.
Records the aspirations and struggles of one family to establish a truly American Christian home.

Identifies what The Principle Approach has meant to home schooling parents in America.
Outlines how parent-teachers can put learning into a framework of Biblical principles and leading ideas.
Explains how to develop your own American Christian philosophy and curriculum at home with The Principle Approach and the help of Master Teachers.
Offers practical suggestions on how the same principles may be taught in every grade.

Teaches how to 4-R a subject and discover the principles that govern it.
Introduces some of America's Master Teachers and how they took possession of a subject Biblically, historically, governmentally and academically with The Principle Approach.
Illustrates how to discern God's Providence in a subject as it contributed to the History of Liberty.
Demonstrates a way to view the whole subject and to discover the unity of all subjects in the curriculum.
Outlines course goals, overviews and sample lesson for elementary and high school curriculum.

"...the restoration of The Principle Approach is a major contribution of James Rose's ministry to Christians who wish to once again both learn and teach that Biblical philosophy of education which formed us 'one nation under God." ---- Rosalie J. Slater

Physical Geography By Arnold Guyot, Swiss-born Creation Scientist
A facsimile reprint of Guyot's 1885 textbook teaching how the earth is a masterpiece of Divine workmanship, perfect in all its parts and conditions. 125 pages, perfect bound, provides outlines and concise explanations of the laws which govern the earth and its parts. $10.00
Contact Miss Katherine Dang for a copy of revised map outlines at

Only One God Working
Mr. Rose's best expression of the Biblical Basis for the Providence of God and an inspiration for Home Schooling Parents.
CD $10.00

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