Established in 1968

James B Rose, President

Hope for the Generations by Restoring America's Biblical Foundations

A powerful, positive, and attractive Biblical view of God, man and government is displacing and destroying the isolation, ignorance and indifference many Christians have had concerning their nation and its Gospel purpose. American Christian History Institute was established to re-educate the American Christian in his responsibility to be governed by principles of the Scriptures in all areas of life, including the civil sphere, and to restore the understanding and practice of local self-government. This educational program embraces all Christians in America.

American Christian History Institute (A.C.H.I.) is dedicated to teaching Christians:

  • That there would be no America if there were no Christianity;
  • Why Christians are so important to God in respect to "His Story" and government of men and nations;
  • How responsible they are for the quality and conduct of American education, government and economics; and
  • How to restore America's historic Biblical method of reasoning to the home, church and school, the three constituents of Constitutional Liberty.

    In 1978, the Institute's founders-- the foremost American Christian Historian, Verna M. Hall and Educator, Rosalie J. Slater-- appointed James B. Rose to carry on their legacy, which is to return to fundamental principles.

    Practical and Important Links for American Christian Educators:

    Pilgrim Institute (pilgriminstitute.org): Offers a wealth of practical and quickening resources for the Christian Home and Day School, including correspondence courses and a new Providential History series that boys and girls of the 21st century might remember the mighty works of God in bringing forth this nation. Student texts and Teacher's Guides are available.

    Philomath Foundation (philomathfoundation.com): Outstanding and comprehensive resources for teaching the whole of history from creation to present, in addition to practical science and literature curriculum.

    American Christian History Institute
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